I've been spending a lot of time thinking about how we experience music.

Do we throw it on in the background while we’re doing something else, or does it really demand our entire focus? Is it something we do to behind closed doors, or is better to listen out in public? Do we want headphones that shut out the world so that we might listen and reflect, or is it alright to let the sounds of life bleed in? Is it something we do alone, or is it something we share with others?

There isn’t one correct answer to the question. Music will always mean different things to different people at different points in their lives, and the way we all prefer to experience it changes in the same way. However, there is one constant I’ve found when talking to people about i: those who really love music, always love sharing that experience with others.

We love dancing like idiots with our friends at some great concert, or shouting along with a beloved track on an endless, aimless drive. We love giving someone their new favorite album, or playing them a great song they’ve never heard. We love introducing them to a band that won’t just change their life, but might be their life. Mix tapes and playlists, fan sites and fanzines, sharing a record or sharing a file. In the end, these are all just ways for us to share the experience music gives us with others, to tell someone about something we love in the hopes that they’ll love it too.

It’s this love of sharing music with others that lead me to begin The Dylan Samson Mix Series in the first place. It’s why I continue to make new mixes today. And it’s why I’m happy to announce  that Season 6 of The Dylan Samson Mix Series will begin on October 1st.

Things are going to be a little different this time around. Instead of a new mix every month, I’ll release a new mix every Saturday for 12 weeks. I’ll still only place single copy of the CD in its hand-made, custom case, somewhere in the world (the general location of which will still be shared online), but those who miss the physical copy will also be able to listen on 8Tracks, Apple Music, and Spotify. Other than that, everything is pretty much the same as before.

So that’s it, really. Season 6 of The Dylan Samson Mix Series starts October 1st. 12 weeks. 12 mixes. Tons of new music to experience together. Get ready