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The Music of Daniel Johnston

The Story of an Artist


My Yoke is Heavy

Why, Without You

I Will

Chord Organ Blues

Casper the Friendly Ghost

Walking the Cow

Hey Joe

Too Young to Die

Heatbreak Hotel

Ain't No Woman Gonna Make a George Jones Outta Me

Where the Soul Never Dies

True Love will Find You in the End

A Recorded Message

Poor You

Impossible Love

Wicked World

Lord Give Me Hope

Stars on Parade

Man Obsessed

You're Gonna Make it Joe


Never Get to Heaven

Despair Came Knocking

White Magic

The Sun Shines Down on Me

Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievances

I Had Lost My Mind

Got to Get You into My Life

No More Pushing Joe Around

When We All Become Famous in the Sky

My Life is Starting Over Again

Spirit World Rising

Careless Soul

Honey I Sure Miss You

I Feel So High

Life in Vain

Love Will See You Through

Some Time Spent in Heaven


Life is Full of Joy


Try to Love

Mind Movies


Tears Stupid Tears

November 7th, 2011
Originally Used for a Radio Show
Given away as part of "The Dylan Samson Mix Collection #2"

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